++ Toshihiko Hayashi ++


Toshihiko Hayashi
Professor of Economics, University of the Air, Japan
Chairman of the Board, Stanford Japan Center, Japan

Date of Birth

March 4, 1943


  • Ph.D., Economics (Stanford University), September 1972
  • M.A., (Faculty of Economics, Osaka University), March 1968
  • B.A., (Faculty of Economics, Kyoto University), March 1966

  • 4/2002-Present:
    Professor of Economics , University of the Air
  • 4/1994-3/2002:
    Professor of Economics , Osaka School of International Public Policy(OSIPP), Osaka University
  • 4/1996-3/1998:
    Dean, OSIPP, Osaka University
  • 4/1985-3/1994:
    Professor of Economics, Faculty of Economics, Osaka University
  • 7/1983-6/1984:
    Visiting Resercher, Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace, Stanford University
  • 4/1980-3/1985:
    Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Osaka University
  • 10/1978-3/1979:
    Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of California at Davis
  • 10/1971-3/1980:
    Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics, Kobe University of Commerce
  • 8/1968-9/1971:
    Assistant Professor, Institute of Economic Reserch, Kobe University of Commerce

"Telecommunication Social Science Award" by the Telecommunications Promotion Foundation, 1993.

Membership in Academic Societies

  • Japanese Economic Association
  • Japan Society of Information and Communication
  • Japanese Association for Cultural Economics
  • The Japanese Association for American Studies
  • Japan NPO Research Association

  • Information-Based Economic System, June 2003 (in Japanese).
  • America in the Great Depression, June 2003 (in Japanese).
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  • Telecommunications Industry, ed., July 1994 (in Japanese).
  • Essays on Economy, November 1992 (in Japanese).
  • Telecommunication Economics, (ed. with Mtsuura), October 1992 (in Japanese).
Journal Articles (*Refers to refereed journals)

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Participation at Major Professional Meetings, Conferences and Workshop

  • "eLearning: a Perspective from the University of the Air", Second Meeting of the Preparatory Committee, World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS-PrepCom-2), A series of conferences presented by ITU, ILO(International Labour Organization), Geneva, February 2003.
  • "Fostering globally accessible and affordable ICTs", Second Meeting of the Preparatory Committee, World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS-PrepCom-2) Side Event, A series of conferences presented by ITU, ILO(International Labour Organization),Geneva, February 2003.
  • "New Alliances for World Communications," 8th Biannual JUSTRI (Japan-U.S. Telecommunications Research Institute)Conference, Cosmos Club, Washington, D.C. ,U.S.A., November 1999.
  • "The Telecommunications Industry in Japan: Business Competition and International Regulatory Contest," Conference on The New Role of Government in a Market Economy, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore, February 1998.
  • "Toward a Creative Reconstruction," Annual Meeting of Hyogo Kensei Gakkai (Hyogo Prefectural Policy Association), March 1997.
  • Concluding Panel, Conference on Australia-Japan Comparative Economic and Public Sector Restructuring, University of Melbourne, Australia, February 1997.
  • Discussant for Merit Janow, "Policy Approaches to Deregulation," Conference on Micro-economic Reform and Deregulation in Japan, Columbia University, March 1996.
  • "A New Theory of Networks from Economics Perspective," Annual Meeting of Nihon Shakai Gakkai (Japanese Sociology Association) , November 1994.